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Realising that the Wisdom of our Ancients were profound, that the onus is on us, to undertake research with the help of scientific knowledge and technology at our disposal, to rediscover and understand the deeper truths that our Ancients had mastered, to create new expressions to fulfill the new aspirations of our evolving society. Over the last 30 years I have been researching the ancient architectural wisdom and practices in India and around the world with the help of Geobiology tools, which have helped me gain amazing insights and experiences. This knowledge gained, wherever I have applied, has always given amazing results. The result is the creation of the AKASH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH TRUST, at Pondicherry, now Puduchery, in South India, since 1995.

Initially, we started research in the fields of our personal interest, Architecture and Dance. A very important activity, over the last few years, has been to visit different places in India, for studying ancient Indian design principles as applied to forts, temples, palaces, towns, houses, tanks, etc. This is to make our own database with respect to the ancient knowledge systems known as Vaastu Shastra. Similarly we have been studying ancient principles as elaborated in Dance texts such as Natya Shastra. For example, the concept of Ashta Nayika - it is essentially the journey of the human Soul through life. This concept we translated and presented in a dance-drama form, with the help of multimedia, and integrating different languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and English.. This is now rendered in a Video CD. Another similar attempt more recently has been on the Nava Rasa, or Sentiments, or Emotions, in Indian Classical Dance, which are also universal emotions, lived and expressed, by all of us in our life. This too is now being rendered into a Video CD.
The Objective and Aim of the Akash Education and Research Trust is to initiate study, research, to rediscover the deeper knowledge and understanding that ancient civilisations had mastered, in different fields of our culture. Our attempt is basing on this ancient knowledge, to develop new and varied applications, in different cultural fields, for our personal growth. An important area of our concern has been for example with sound, for which a lot of ground work has been done.
  • How sound vibrations are at the origin of forms, of letters, of words, of musical notes and scales? Refer to the amazing research work known as “Voice Figures” of Mrs. Margaret Watt Hughes, subsequent research work of Dr. Hans Jenny - known as “Cymatics”, or the fascinating work of Dr. Tomatis, related to the human ear. All this helps us gain new insights and understanding into the ancient Indian miniature paintings on Ragas and Raginis, of Indian and Western Classical, as well as sacred music, Mantras or Chants?

  • How the discovery of Fractals in Mathematics, has helped the understanding of ancient architectural practices and natures creativity wherein the smallest part reflects the whole?

  • How sound vibrations are at the origin of letters and words of every human language, a fascinating comparative study of languages and sound-forms, can give deep insights into the origins of human speech?

  • How we as human beings also have our own “seed” sound frequency, and working to discover that, could give interesting results relating to our well being and spiritual growth?

  • How poetical meter in Sanskrit and other languages can help elevate various health related issues?

The list is unending, of what all can be studied and researched, relating to ancient wisdom and knowledge. We have made humble attempts, with respect to some of the 64 Arts of Indian Culture, and progressively hope to cover all of them.

My own 30 years of research into the ancient science of architecture and building design, have helped us gain deeper insights, through personal experiences, corroborated with the help of technical instruments.

Akash Education and Research Trust, aims at integrating personal seeking, with scientific and technical studies and research, integrating the two approaches for achieving greater human potential.

Initially my entire research work in the field of architecture, Vaastu Shastra and geobiology, have been brought out in an introductory manner, in the form of 2 Cd-Roms titled “Total Energy Through Vaastu Shastra”, one dealing with the Northern Hemisphere only, the other dealing with Northern and Southern Hemispheres, as they have different energy movements, and therefore the need to understand the different approach required. These cd-Roms have had quite a success.

A second CD-Rom is now developed titled “THE ANCIENT FUTURE” which goes into greater details of our research, dealing with a deeper understanding of the subtle energies of our Human bodies, Buildings and the Universe, and their workings; as well as applications of ancient and energy principles, in various present architectural projects we have undertaken, such as the GOLDEN CITY project, for the Kalki spiritual organisation and their Oneness movement, at Tada, in Andhra Pradesh, 70 kms north of Chennai or Madras, in South India.
Our researches have generated considerable interest worldwide, and people have been inviting us, to help them with specific projects, in different countries. Also we have been sharing our knowledge and research results, through lectures, seminars and workshops organized by them. We have also been invited to become member of the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences, of which we became a member in 1988. In 2004 and 2006 we were also invited by the Moscow Academy of Sciences, and the Moscow Institute of Architects, to present our research activities and work. Many students from India and abroad approach us, for help and guidance for their thesis work. Lately, the University of Trente, near Bolzano, in North Italy, have taken us on their research team, since 2008. We have also organised various training programs for Architects in India and abroad, inspiring them to make use of these research information into their projects.

Our Trust has been actively participating, in multidisciplinary research work, on the effects of the ancient Vedic practice of Fire ceremonies, known as ”Yagnas”. With a group of 40 scientists, for the first time ever, a serious multidisciplinary study was undertaken, to scientifically evaluate the effect of a Yagna, as practiced in the Indian Vedic traditions. This work was coordinated by the Vedic Yagna Pratisthan, in Thrissur, Kerela. The “Apthoaryama Yagna” took place in April 2004, during a period of 11 days continuously. This particular Yagna has been done for the first time now in 300 years. The initial studies and results of the Apthoaryama Yagna, have been published, and are now available. Similar studies were again undertaken for a Yagna held at Ramachandrapuram, in Karnataka, in the year 2006.
Another important activity of our Trust which we are slowly expanding, is with respect to Eco-sustainable energies, developing various technologies or integrating existing ones, into a multidisciplinary approach, so as to make a building or complex of buildings, totally self supporting in all its needs of energy, water harvesting and recycling, etc.. This we would like to practically demonstrate, by integrating them into our own building complex being planned, 10 kms. west of Pondicherry, at Ousteri.
A few articles we have written, and those written on our research and work, have appeared in various architectural magazines in India and abroad, which references are attached.

Our attempt is now through the activities of our two Trusts, Akash Foundation and Akash Education and Research Trust, to integrate the two approaches - the scientific and technical, with a greater and deeper understanding of our ancient texts and culture.
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