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  References of Articles
  1. “The mysterious Energies Within and Around Us” published by Architecture + Design magazine, July-August 1991 issue.

  2. “Le Energie Misteriose Dentro e Interno a Noi” was the Italian translation of the above article, published the following year in Italy.

  3. “Architecture et Geobiologie” is an article published in French, on our approach and work, written by Sylviane Martin, in Tecwell Journal, Jan/March 1994 issue.

  4. “Subtle Energy Fields of the Indian Temple”, is another of our article published by Architecure + Design magazine, in their Mar-Apr 2000 issue.

  5. Asian Voice and a few other Indian journals published short articles “Vaastu – Scientific Approach to Architecture – To Correct Energies at Home/Work and Improve all Aspects of Life.”, Sep 2000.

  6. An article on our work “Golden City – Una Citta Mandala” was written by Arch. Angela M. Alessi, of Australia, and published in the Italian magazine L’Architectura Naturale in their Sep-Dec 2001 issue.

  7. Another Article by Arch. Angela M. Alessi titled “Il Vaastu Shastra – Nell’opera di Prabhat Poddar” was also published in the Italian Magazine L’Architectura Naturale, in their Oct-Dec 2001 issue.

  8. An interview by Gunther Pier titled “Bauen und Wohnen nach Universeilen Urprinzipien”, was published in German, by the newspaper Sudtirolerin in 2002.

  9. An interview by Meera Mohanty titled “Architecture, Geobiology and Vaastu” was published by the Indian magazine, Architectural Building Material, in their July-Sep 2003 issue.

  10. Letter from Deshdoot Times.

  11. An Article on Hindu Temple: Models of a Fractal Universe.

  12. An Article on Auroville City of Freedom

  13. A Research Note

  14. Translation - Interpretation of Andient Vaastu Vidya: Shilpa Text

  15. An Article on The Mysterious Energies within and around us
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